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Premium land plots in fast-growing areas 

Mandalika View is a luxury property development situated on a gently sloping hill in Kuta, adjacent to the Mandalika Resort Area. The location offers breathtaking ocean vistas and panoramic views.
The properties in Mandalika View have been strategically designed to overlook the MotoGP street course, which hosts thrilling motorcycle & car racing events. In addition, residents can enjoy views of the future golf course within the Mandalika Resort Area, creating a picturesque setting towards the bay of Kuta.
The backdrop of the Mandalika View properties is a stunning sea view, enhancing the overall ambiance and providing residents with a serene and captivating environment. Whether it's watching the exciting races or enjoying the tranquility of the sea, Mandalika View offers a unique and luxurious living experience.

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Private Sanctuary offers end-to-end solutions for your holiday villas, providing design, project management, construction, and operational services.

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Mandalika View plots offer an ideal location for your dream home or investment. Don't miss this opportunity to choose your plot.

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A more then 10 years experienced team of architects in Lombok, Jakarta, and Hong Kong collaborating to turn your dreams into reality.

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