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A can-do attitude team backed up by more than three decades of experience in delivering
high-end creative solutions.

A well-structured approach to ensuring the successful realization of your villas. 

Private Sanctuary have a distributed team of architects based in Jakarta and Hong Kong, who are responsible for designing the villas and turning your dreams into reality. 

By having architects in different locations, Private Sanctuary can benefit from diverse perspectives and expertise.

Additionally, Private Sanctuary has an operations team and partners on the ground in Lombok. 

This local presence will enable effective oversight of the construction process. 

The operations team can coordinate with the construction partners, ensuring that the construction aligns with the architectural designs and meets the desired quality standards.

Moreover, Private Sanctuary has taken steps to ensure the reliability and competence of the construction teams, in order to mitigate potential risks and improve the successful project execution.

Private Sanctuary takes a comprehensive and collaborative approach to bring villas to life, involving architects, operations teams, and construction partners working together to deliver a high-quality end product.

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